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Silver Jewellery Care

Know About s925 & s999 Sterling Silver First

925 Sterling Silver is an alloyed silver made of 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metal to increase its hardness and strength.

999 Sterling Silver is made of 99.9% by weight of silver and 0.1% by weight of other metal. s999 is so called "the purest" and more hypoallergenic. 

As pure silver is prone to tarnishing, other metal elements can be used in alloys to reduce tarnishing. Both of s925 and s999 Sterling Silver are popular metal for Jewellery because of its versatility, affordability and safety for sensitive skin, but it is also easily tarnished and darkened because of its components as a result of a chemical reaction with oxygen or sulfur particles in the air. 

How To Care For Your Silver Jewellery

  • Remove jewellery while doing your household chores, and when you go to bed and shower.
  • Take off your jewellery while you are in activity that could collide, scratch and damage it.
  • Prevent your silver jewellery exposed to chemical and sunlight.
  • Apply all lotions, perfume and cosmetics before you put on your jewellery.
  • Store it separately, ideally in a soft-lined box and pouch. Better to store it in a air tight place, keep it cool and dark if possible.
  • Silver jewellery with nature gemstone and pearl is more delicate and vulnerable to scratch and damage, more care needs to be taken.
  • Last but not least, wearing it often can keep it shining longer as your natural body oil can help prevent silver tarnished.        

How to clean your Silver Jewellery if it is darkened

There are plenty of methods to clean silver jewellery, we just introduce the following ways that of easy and natural at-home cleaning. 

  • Soap and water is the one the best option, simply clean it with soap and water gently.
  • Alternatively, apply a small amount of baking soda on a cloth or tooth brush, and scrub gently.
  • If the tarnish is stubborn and heavy, soak your silver jewellery in a mix of equal parts of vinegar and water for a couple of hours, use a tooth brush to gently brush the affected area, rinse and leave it to air dry or pat dry.      

Generally, polishing your silver jewellery with a polishing cloth** that is specifically designed for sterling silver as a basic first step when it becomes tarnished, usually it works. However, if the blackness is still existing, you could try the above few methods for cleaning, after a good cleaning, you can use the polishing cloth again to finish the process. 

**PLEASE NOTE:  Valued Bonjeur customers will receive their jewellery with a polishing cloth in the package.